Yes, I’m Vegetarian. Yes, I’m Doing Enough

I've been vegetarian for 2 and a half years now. I don't eat meat or fish, gelatine, or anything listed as 'fish extract.' I buy Free From pesto, I don't buy leather, I only purchase cruelty-free beauty products and I can tell you the damage that animal agriculture is doing to our planet. But according … Continue reading Yes, I’m Vegetarian. Yes, I’m Doing Enough


Ruler marks across the country scribbled lives and pencilled-in faces, adjoining places with families and names they don't know. They'll just pass them through the window.   A snap-shot, no, scrapbook, just quick visions of insight into their person. The clothes they wear, suitcase or phone a face without a name  A smile is enough. … Continue reading 18:19

In This Foreign Space

With the aid of Google Maps, hand in hand we walk as obscenely clueless tourists down narrow streets. I had been before, you had not. I felt it my duty to make it worth the hype I had prized it.   Admist the crowds You keep me anchored Like it’s only the two of us … Continue reading In This Foreign Space

Lady of the Bus

Her skin may need an iron’s once over, Its pigment is brash and fuchsia. But she smiles more than she did back then, So why bother with that cosmetic nonsense? Her day’s dictated by today’s timetable. ‘Lost’ doesn’t exist, ‘it’s adventure’, she insists. Quarter to the hour, or ten past, The maze of her head, … Continue reading Lady of the Bus