Living Low Waste: One Step at a Time

We've all been exposed to the harmful impact our actions have on the environment, one way or another. From the horrific landfill sites spanning across miles of land, to turtles with plastic straws stuck in their nostrils, the planet is suffering because of our choices. Perhaps you'd see it that it's too late to make … Continue reading Living Low Waste: One Step at a Time


When I was twelve, I thought I was dying “pre-adolescent, bleeds to death,” Crimson-stained, battle-scarred knickers Sat in the comfort of the toilet cubicle stuffing DIY bandages in the now-nappy of my underskirt   The unspoken word, the insult; euphemism (‘time of the month, love?’) Hidden parcel of embarrassment amongst groceries; Scanning the over-priced assistance … Continue reading Sanitary