for the time being

The tip of your finger, your tongue, your eyelash outlines my silhouette in semi-permanent stain. I knew from the first touch you were, we were only temporary. Only. Not wholly. For the time being. But your mouth imprints my own and for something half-hearted and incomplete, you've made a home out of me.

Break Up Writing

She did that thing with her hair. Twisting it playfully around her finger like a loose thread. In the same manner she did on our first date. It used to be endearing, flirtatious even, but right now it’s pissing me off. It’s too dark for her pasty complexion. Once, it shone caramel; the colour, contagious … Continue reading Break Up Writing

Public Transport

Rickety, reckless, ridiculous more like! A young couple. 19? Baby in pram. A father, a nuisance, tattooed skull and ring on his finger, fingers round her waist. Hair like straw, attacked with heat from the night before?   Window-screen adaption to a day-time performance 'Town please.' she says '1.40, love.' I mutter. The baby shrieks, … Continue reading Public Transport