Yes, I’m Vegetarian. Yes, I’m Doing Enough

I've been vegetarian for 2 and a half years now. I don't eat meat or fish, gelatine, or anything listed as 'fish extract.' I buy Free From pesto, I don't buy leather, I only purchase cruelty-free beauty products and I can tell you the damage that animal agriculture is doing to our planet. But according … Continue reading Yes, I’m Vegetarian. Yes, I’m Doing Enough

A Fresher’s Guide to Birmingham

(I wrote this during my Birmingham Mail work placement and they never published it, lol) That dreaded time of year is again approaching for students. Eighteen year olds are entering the world of beans on toast, clubbing five nights a week and getting up for that 9am lecture. Of course, stereotypes aside, preparing for the … Continue reading A Fresher’s Guide to Birmingham