Yes, I’m Vegetarian. Yes, I’m Doing Enough

I've been vegetarian for 2 and a half years now. I don't eat meat or fish, gelatine, or anything listed as 'fish extract.' I buy Free From pesto, I don't buy leather, I only purchase cruelty-free beauty products and I can tell you the damage that animal agriculture is doing to our planet. But according … Continue reading Yes, I’m Vegetarian. Yes, I’m Doing Enough

Living Low Waste: One Step at a Time

We've all been exposed to the harmful impact our actions have on the environment, one way or another. From the horrific landfill sites spanning across miles of land, to turtles with plastic straws stuck in their nostrils, the planet is suffering because of our choices. Perhaps you'd see it that it's too late to make … Continue reading Living Low Waste: One Step at a Time

Return It

My heart is so big you could cut it, knife and fork, and share it with the street. Share. I share my skin, my soul, my shelter with another and they claim it as their own. Then return it when it doesn’t quite fit right, isn’t what they’re after, change their mind. Do they have … Continue reading Return It

Hands typing on type-writer

They Told Us

They told us we were special, Each gift-wrapped like collectables, scraping ink into papers on tables with cries for help engraved into tainted wood.   They told us we had talent, From colouring inside the lines, bringing outlines to life, with rainbows and felt-tips, tip-toeing across the blank space Like crowds, protesting, chaos over what … Continue reading They Told Us

A Face

Isn’t it bizarre how I’ll see my reflection ten years later and desperately crave, miss, wish, hiss for the face that once was.   When right now I pull it a part I think and yearn for the future I worry about what’s to come and picture myself in pictures captured with my loved ones … Continue reading A Face