My name is Lucy, an English and Creative Writing graduate who studied at the University of Birmingham.

As a graduate, I’m trying to navigate the adult world outside of university and build my career.

I work as a Content Executive for a travel insurance company, so I write for a living which is pretty cool to be able to say!

Some of you may have come over from my YouTube channel. I’ve been creating YouTube videos since 2010, and use the platform as a form of creative expression and documentation.

I enjoy travelling, big words, cats and live music. I’m usually found stopping to stroke dogs in the street and wearing clothes that don’t necessarily go together.

My website serves as a portfolio, exhibiting everything from poetry, prose and free-verse, to rambling posts about life and experiences.

I’ve always written creatively for as long as I can remember, and see it as the most comfortable and eloquent way of expressing myself.  I love words, literature and crafting language into art. It’s my main passion and outlet and I hope to share that enthusiasm with you.

For any business related enquiries, please refer to the ‘contact‘ page.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy your stay.


L xcropped-grad

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