to feel, to be felt

My whole life, I’ve been told I’m ‘too.’

Too quiet, too sensitive, too negative,

Too much.

Take things ‘too personally’, give

too much, too soon


For years, I saw this maximum, this superlative,

this giving my all as…

a flaw.

That I should seek limits, seek hindrance, in this

world that speaks opposite,

breathes ‘holding it

together’, ‘playing it cool.’


But now I overflow cups like liquid gold,

I feel too much, I give my all.

I try too hard to please, I overthink

I analyse, love too much, too soon.


Why not,

Why can’t I give my everything, feel as much,

too deep, too strong?

Isn’t that the most human trait of all?

To feel.

To be felt.


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