Coffee Prescribed

First time medicated was in the library.
3 deadlines that week and my eyes are
splitting. The laptop screen, the closest I’ve got
to intimacy in weeks. I guess it breathes, it makes
enough noise to resemble something humane.

Why, when you’ve got so much to do
Do you check Facebook when you know you’re wasting
time (it’s inevitable now, like pissing.)
Then, I saw the solution. Advertised by other patients of
Student Syndrome. Clinging to the miracle cure, right in the palm
of their hands.
‘Stress’ the doctor said, and he suggested a counsellor.
But no, this fix cost me two quid with no waiting list except
for that difficult customer demanding decaff, two pumps of syrup,
whipped cream and
soya milk.

I don’t need to make an appointment. I can relieve myself right
in the comfort of a chewing-gum- imprinted seat.
Advertised? More like prescribed as the cure for panic attacks.
Who cares if five of the things are enough to enhance my anxiety?
At least I’ll meet the deadline,
with heart palpations (bonus points) to meet that 2:1.

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