me 1 – me 2



[two of me, stage blank, white sheet as backdrop]

ME ONE: I guess I see it a bit of a shame, that those that work high-stress jobs loose so much of their salary

ME TWO [rolls eyes]: Yeah, but who else is going to fund the NHS –

ME ONE [snapping]: that’s not what I’m saying

ME TWO [short]: then what are you saying?

ME ONE: That it’s shit that so many avoid the tax man, and there’s our Dad who works 16 hours a day and pays 40%

[Me Two paces back and forth, not meeting Me One’s gaze]

ME TWO: I get that, it’s shit that he works so hard and is stressed… but what about those who can’t work, who –

ME ONE [shouting in frustration]: YES I KNOW –

Loud bang, black out.

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