Happy Pills

They prescribe you a different colour,

a magic dose, higher and higher.

No student discount on those happy pills,

but the unemployed are the typical buyer.


For it’s some instant fix (well worth the try)

that make you brain-dead.

But, who’s to believe you,

when it’s all inside your head?


‘How are you doing?’ she asks,

this isn’t interest, it’s become a greeting.

You force a smile, new meds, new you

and nod enthusiastically, ‘of course, I’m eating.’


Everyone’s anxious these days, don’t over-react,

and if there’s no colour, it’s less strain on the eyes.

For feeling nothing is better than something,

and this numbness works as an easy disguise.


Take one before breakfast, and an aspirin straight after;

and with your eyes shut maybe the screams resemble laughter.





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