I Come From

I come from six houses,

former dog-lovers, now cat people.

The colour yellow

teddy bears, CD Roms, Learning Land



I come from Sunday Roasts that stink the house out,

‘carrots make you see in the dark’, hide and seek;

Father Christmas

Book shelves, fairy stories

Barbie Swan Lake video, Paddington Bear


I come from dens meshed by blankets

Babies soaked in crayon, plastic fruit,

The Lion King, a kiss goodnight

(and being tucked in.)

Unable to sleep with the light



I come from scribbles,

I come from felt tips, car boot sales

I come from ‘sorry’ to tables,

Lavender and wellington boots

The dressing up box, beef dinner,  Bratz, bees, bed time,




One thought on “I Come From

  1. This post reminds me of improv. In class we played a game called “Where I’m from”. It goes similar to your post where we would state things about our life and if we related to others in the class we would go stand beside them.
    With this concept in mind, I can relate to your post – Dog lover, teddy bears, Woolworth (Too funny), book shelves, scribbles, and bunk beds. Thanks for posting. -W38


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