Retirement Home

Mustang-replaced mini-bus to assisted retreat,

former past indulgence, instead

alien location

Prior nostalgia, a now desolate sea

With an intent for spontaneity, their creased

cheeks; bruised by breeze, no iron from

the sun’s hello, but

scarves permanent against necks; waists aided

by a lady in blue, the same as before, or differing; new

Jennifer, jittering, jaw-ache

His surname and suitcase, Mr & Mrs,

bath of heat, soaked of lust, ice cream

scented silver vows. Now a showerproofed spinal ache

in early September

Perhaps July (cannot remember)

Pearl’s pupils pulsating of recollection

Sand-stained thighs, “Daddy home for

summer” (air-raid) shelters replaced with

sand-castles, grins disguising fear,

on patch-work blankets.

Her dimples’ pearly white offspring now

artificial and misplaced

Doris, ditsy, dazed, disordered

from the coastline. Admiring the

floating, translucent, plastic mass.

(replacing seagulls)

 Aimlessly scattered

Registered more visual

confusion than any

 memory of the shore

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